Lana Rawlinson Photography

Focusing on what's important



What are your hours?
Our studio is open by appointment, generally Tuesday through Saturday. We will ensure you have an appointment time that works around YOUR work schedule, school schedule, naps, or sports. We are parents and understand. 

Do you accept walk-ins?
Because we have created an environment that allows us to give each client our full attention, we are not set up to do walk-ins.  If you wish to speak with us about our products and services, please contact us to make an appointment. 

Do you do weddings?
Unfortunately no. We do everything but those. 

Can we bring our pet to our portrait session?
Of course! We love to have the WHOLE family included. We just appreciate knowing ahead of time and we will coordinate with you on time of introducing your furry friend into the family portrait.

What’s first?
If you have checked out our galleries and like what you see, the only thing left to do is contact us and schedule your session!

How long does the session last?
In most cases we block an hour. We may not need that long or may take the entire blocked time. We shoot until we are happy. If you are late, please know that it will shorten your session time accordingly. 

How do I prepare my child for the session?
Make sure your child is fed, well rested and ready to have a good time. It's a good idea to tell small children they are going to “play” at the studio. We want them to feel comfortable and at ease in the studio and with the gals behind the camera. We
strive to capture your child's true personality and expressions. Please refrain from punishment for misbehavior. We are moms and can manage most any spunky behavior. We have bribery tools …er uh rewards for following directions and good listening. 

What do the photographers expect from the parents during the session?
We LOVE to work as a team. You know your child better than we do, and we will look to you for helpful hints that will garner great reactions. We will ask you to LOOK at the camera, but at the same time IGNORE the camera. 

We have some ideas of our own. Can we try them?
PLEASE! Come prepared with any props your ideas might require and let us know what you are thinking. We love to have fresh ideas and are up for trying new things. Favorite toys, special heirlooms, etc. all make a session more about you and that's what's most important. 

Who is welcome at the session?
Whomever is wanting to be photographed of course. We love generational portraits and know how important those are to capture. We also know family members can make great helpers during your session but if we notice that they become more of a distraction, we may ask that they step outside of the shoot room.

Do you ever schedule evening appointments?
Yes we do! We understand that schedules can be crazy so we will work with you to book a session that fits around your schedule. However, there are factors to consider when scheduling an evening appointment such as lighting or feeding and napping schedules.

We need to reschedule, what’s your policy?
If for any reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call us at 281-485-9300 to reschedule  with 24 hours notice.


How should we dress for our family portrait?
Coordinate and compliment each other, but no matchy matchy.  Choose clothing that is flattering to your figure. Avoid clothes with strong patterns, logos, or high contrast stripes. Try to choose three to four colors and have everyone stick to those shades so that the family’s clothes coordinate together. 
Accessories add color and interest. Scarves, hats, bows, jewelry, sweaters all can add a pop but you don’t want to take away from the subject either. 

I wear glasses, do I need to remove them for photos?
We are very successful minimizing eye glass glare for sessions and know a few tricks of the trade that will help along the way as well. Please do not wear TRANSITION lenses to your outdoor shoot. The lighting will turn them into sunglasses and often require complex retouching to fix. If you are partial to your glasses, you may want to consider having your optician remove the lenses before your session or lend you a pair of frames without lenses in them. 



How much does it cost?
From the calls we receive at the studio we know that price is one of the top questions you have for us. We believe choosing a portrait photographer based on the price of an 8x10 can lead to disappointment. You get what you pay for right? 
Our prices are based on a number of factors like providing our brick and mortar studio that people can feel comfortable walking into, our customer service orientated, friendly, and highly qualified staff, and our careful eye for detail while editing. We have 1,000s of photo sessions, editing hours, and happy clients to back it all up. 
Our sitting fees start at $40 and do not include prints or digital images. We have many portrait packages available that will work with most any wallet. 

Is your pricing online?
To give you the most accurate pricing we need to find out what you are looking for first- whether it's wall portraits, books, digital files, or just frame worthy prints- so we can estimate what you may want to budget for. Contact us and we will happily share a price estimate based on your needs. 

Why is professional portrait photography “expensive”?
“You get what you pay for” is one of our favorite slogans. It is so true. If you pay cheap prices, you will get cheap quality. From the first call or email you place to our studio we are committed to giving you an unparalleled piece of our time. Planning for the session, photographing, showing, editing, ordering & preparing your order can add up to a significant amount of people hours. Our satisfied clientele know the difference this makes in the quality of their portraits and we are confident that you will too.

Do you have payment plans?
Yes we do! When you place the order you have the option to set up a payment plan that can be broken into 3 installments. We will secure your order by credit card, and you may pick up your order after the final payment has been received. 
We also give a 10% discount on any orders placed by cash or check. 

Do you offer photography gift certificates?
We certainly do. These make great gifts for new parents, christmas, or birthdays. You may purchase a gift certificate that includes the sitting fee with one of our portrait packages. 


What happens after the session?
About a week later we will have you join us at the studio for your ordering appointment. We will watch a slideshow, and then select the images you would like to order for your home, office, friends or family. It is strongly recommended that all decision makers be present. 

Should we bring the kids?
They are always welcome. We have toys and distractions for them in the ordering room to help you focus and make the decisions you are there to make. 

What if we can’t finalize our decision?
This is a common fear, but we think you will be surprised. Our friendly sales person will utilize your responses, opinions, and information to help narrow down the images quickly. If absolutely necessary, we will be happy to schedule a second ordering appointment for you with a service charge of $25.

What if i need to make a change to my order? 
We will accept changes to your custom order within twenty-four hours of placing it. After that your order will be processed per your approval at the ordering appointment. 
Do you ever schedule evening ordering appointments?
Yes we do! We know those schedules are hard to juggle sometimes and will work with you to get all decision makers present for the viewing and ordering.


We love to support our community and give often. Our preference is to donate a gift certificate for a live or silent auction & raffles. To request a donation please contact us for further information.